Letter To Ghanaians After Nigeria Beat Them 6:1

Dear fellow West African neighbours,
The news originating from your country since yesterday is that our under 17 boys who trashed you 6:1 at the on going Caf Under 17 nations cup are over aged.
Apart from the MRI machine which disqualified about three of our players, how else do you determine the age of our boys? Probably by the score line. Hahahahaha.
Did we present over aged players at the South African nations cup where we trashed Mali and Burkinafaso that defeated you with ten men?

You must accept the fact that the giant of Africa is back to where it belongs.
The last time you won nations cup was over thirty years ago when we were still recovering from civil war.
Now that we have recovered fully, you will not win anything again whether it is under 17 or over 17. Just pray that we dont meet you on any knockout stage of any competitive sports. We are on top now.
Please help us tell your western neighbour of Ivory Coast what we said.
Their leader called Dede Dgoba congratulated us after we beat them in South Africa while your lousy Amasoa giam claimed that you would have beaten us if we met.
Our under 17 boys are actually under 17. The differences between you and us is malnutrition. Your boys dont feed well.. You eat bread with yam, how do you want to grow with such combination? Havent you heard about protein before?
We are not interested in the statistics that says ”Ghana is economically growing faster than Nigeria. The economy of Lagos state is bigger than that of your entire nation. We are pretty fine down here…
Please do not make the same mistakes North Korea is trying to make by provoking the Mighty USA and China. That was why Jumong always beat Dea-So. Arrogance!!

Thank you.


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Rochas Okorocha Sustains Head Injury In Road Accident

The convoy of the Governor of Imo State; Mr Rochas Okorocha has been involved in a head-on collision in Orlu local government area of the state and the governor sustained minor head injuries.

The Governor was on a scheduled inspection tour to some state projects in the area when the accident occurred.

A statement signed by the media aide to the Governor; Ebere Ozoukwa, stated that the Governor’s convoy was involved in the accident in Orlu town in Orlu Local government area of the state.

According to Mr Ozoukwa, “the governor sustained a minor injury which is a minor cut on his head but he is presently in a good and stable condition and has been attended to by medical personnel.”

The Governor can be seen in the picture with a bandage rolled all over his head with some blood stains.

The statement advised the general public especially Imo citizens not to “panic and should go about with their normal duties since the Governor is in a good and stable condition and responding to necessary treatment.”


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Reps to investigate banks for tax evasion

•Committee to meet CBN, FIRS, bank chiefs next week

The House of Representatives’ Committee on Finance has said it will probe tax evasion by commercial banks.

It has invited the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), banks’ chief executive officers and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The apex bank will be at the event as an observer.

The Chairman of the House Committee on Finance, Abdulmumin Jibrin, told The Nation that the N1 trillion deficit in the 2013 budget “is unacceptable” and that if the legislature looked inwards, it would find it.

His words: “The determination to go all out and look at the remittance records of government agencies and other business organisations was borne out of the fact that the over N1 trillion budget deficit is unacceptable.

“It is the belief of this Committee that if we look inward, we will find this money hidden somewhere, and that is why we started with the internally generated revenue (IGR) of government agencies and we have all seen the positive result we got so far, except for few, like the Nigerian National Corporation of Nigeria (NNPC) that are proving difficult.

“The issue that will occupy the Committee’s attention in the next two weeks, is the issue of bank compliance, there is no exception.

“Now we have resolved in a week or two, the exercise will commence with a meeting with FIRS, of course we have notified the CBN to pick interest in the matter even though they do not have any special role to play, theirs is just to observe,” he said, adding that thereafter, the bank chiefs would be invited to Abuja.

“We have a knowledge of what is involved in terms of how much, but we want to avoid unnecessary debate. We want those directly involved to present the figures with their own hands.

“We are going to invite the Federal Inland Revenue Service to make presentation on projections and receipts, actual collections and remittances from banks, that will help us now to see if the banks have been meeting the targets set out for them by the FIRS.”

He said the Committee had been gathering data on the issue since last year, and was armed with information that would enable the House to take decision.

Jibrin explained that the Committee has developed a template that will be attached to the letters being sent to the banks so that all figures would emanate from the real sources, adding that the Committee’s desire is for transparency to be a watchword in private and public transactions in the country.

He said when the forms sent to the banks are filled, the Committee will do the computation and compare with figures presented by the FIRS and other data at the lawmakers’disposal.

“It is from there that Nigerians would start to know the situation of things. This is important because the banking sector is critical to the economy because every day, they announce huge amount of money on their balance sheet. So, we need to know how they are contributing to the revenue of the country in terms of tax remittances,” said.

Jibrin, however, regretted that the Committee and its members have been under pressure since the idea was broached.

“Well, we are coming under severe pressure from the banks already just like during the government agencies’IGR probe, like many people said then that we couldn’t push it through but we did it.

“Already, there is pressure and panic everywhere in the industry, but we are not out to embarrass anyone. We are just doing our work and we just have to do it.

“We are prepared going by past events, which we have learned from and we have the capacity to work and surmount the pressure.

“The other aspect of the pressure is that some people would want to put it in the mind of Nigerians that what we are about to do is targeted at the government and aimed at collapsing the economy, which is not true,” he added.

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CAN condemns amnesty clamour

On a day President Goodluck Jonathan met with Service Chiefs to appraise the amnesty committee’s report, the Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) yesterday urged the authorities not to pardon members of the Boko Haram sect.

The Association described the group as “murderous and blood thirsty”.

CAN advised the President to disregard the Northern Elders pushing for amnesty to avoid a crisis.

Northern Elders, CAN said, are pushing for amnesty to enable Boko Haram members reap where they did not sow.CAN General Secretary Rev. Musa Asake, spoke at a news conference in Abuja. He berated the Ja’amatu Nasril Islam (JNI) for condemning the President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor for saying that: “amnesty to mass murderers foisting their belief on others, cannot precede reconciliation, compensation, restitution and other amelioration steps to people and institutions hurt in the Jihad of Boko Haram.”

Asake also warned the JNI to stop saying that Muslims are the major victims of Boko Haram adding that: “but the truth remains that Christians are the major and main, if not sole target of Boko Haram”.

In the last three years, besides the isolated bombings in Abuja, Asake said the Boko Haram has bombed over 200 churches and killed over 1, 250 Christians worshipping in their churches.

Asake stated that while CAN respect the right of Cardinal John Onaiykan, and Bishop Mathew Kukah on amnesty for Boko Haram, they cannot speak for CAN.

He said: “Only CAN is vested with such powers. Cardinal John Onaiykan and Bishop Mathew Kukah do not speak for Nigerian Christians, not even for CAN in any of the 19 Northern states.

“We call on President Goodluck Jonathan to, as a matter of urgency, dismiss the whole idea of amnesty for an unrepentant group because it would be a panacea for confusion in the country. Instead, as a matter of urgency, the Federal Government should begin the process of compensating and alleviating the sufferings of the victims of Boko Haram. The President should also ignore the so-called Northern leaders, who are putting pressure on him and turning serious security matters into politics

“Asking the Federal Government to grant amnesty to the Boko Haram sect members amount to calling the government to come and kill the snake with a torch. The JNI must begin to query the change in its value system; a system that now makes them spokesperson of a murderous and bloodthirsty group without being sensitive to the victims of the sect, a system that allows for the slaughtering of human beings like cows without remorse.

“CAN will not fail to point out that the present clamour for amnesty to the Boko Haram sect members by the Sultan and others is a strategy to drive home the message of reaping from where they did not sow. It is a strategy to get a better deal for those they have impoverished for years, by canvassing for amnesty to bloodthirsty, Islamic fundamentalists who have killed without provocation. The JNI is promoting the culture of crass impunity that desecrates the sanctity of human life. The earlier it retraces its steps and beings to fish out the fundamentalists among them, the better for our dear country.”

Details of discussions at the President’s parley with the Service Chiefs were sketchy last night but it was believed the report of the Amnesty Security Committee took the centre stage. The committee was set up two weeks ago to weigh the possibility of granting amnesty to the sect members.

The cloose-door meeting was also expected to consider the position paper presented to President Jonathan on Monday night by the Northern Traditional Rulers, led by Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar.

At the end of the meeting chaired by the President and Vice President Namadi Sambo in attendance, State House Correspondents were not briefed.

Those who attended the meeting included: Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Vice Admiral Ola Ibrahim, Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Rear Admiral Dele Ezeoba, Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshall Alex Badeh, Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Abubakar, among others.

President Jonathan raised the committee two weeks ago. Its membership was drawn from the National Security Council (NSC).

It was given two weeks to turn reports.

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2015: PDP under fire over Jonathan’s 32 states order

Merger ‘ll kill PDP, says CPC

The President and his ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were under attack yesterday over their plot to win 32 states in 2015.

Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) National Chairman Tony Momoh told the PDP to be prepared to lose 32 states in the next general elections.

PDP Chairman Bamanga Tukur said on Monday that the party got Presidential order to win 32 states. Besides, he described the coming election as “a serious battle”, which his party members must prepare for.

Momoh, who expressed displeasure at the expanded National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Abuja over Tukur’s statement, vowed to ensure that PDP is sent to the “grave” in 2015.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), he said, will perfect the merger of top opposition parties, which will kick PDP out of power.

His words: “We want merger and it is only when we merge that we can solve the problems in Nigeria today and take a decision to send PDP to the grave. Someone is already saying that PDP will win 32 states in 2015. I think he was misreported. I think what he may have had in mind is that PDP will lose 32 states in 2015. I don’t know where the courage is from. We will work hard, make sacrifices and ensure we move into the merger and grow the new party (APC) so that Nigeria will have the change it needs.

“Incidentally, I use this opportunity to mention that the merger is being promoted to set an agenda, to look at the constitution and ensure that Nigerians who have sovereignty, this sovereignty is returned to them. The sovereignty has been stolen from them for the last 12 years and it must be returned to them. We will ensure that welfare and security, that which is in the constitution, are reached.

“As you can see now, there is no welfare and no security.

“For the first time in Nigeria, the adoption of merger is necessary – if that is what it will take for change to come and if Nigeria must lead, then the change must come. We are not those who believe that the heavens will come down. We are ready to make a sacrifice; this may be the last meeting that we will have before the merger. I am saying this because lots of people are saying that we have nothing to offer. I can tell them that we are ready to take over.”

All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) National Publicity Secretary Emma Eneukwu said Nigerians could no longer be fooled by “ mere boasts by a political party”.

He described Tukur’s speech as that of a man trying to console himself by talking big. He advised Tukur to keep his peace as, according to him, the day of reckoning is already at hand.

Said Eneukwu: “He is only trying to console himself by talking big. The elections will be done by Nigerians who will rate them according to their performance in the past 12 years. Nigerians are not fools who can be deceived by mere boasts by a party that had plunged the country into terrible darkness. The day of reckoning is approaching.”

To the National Publicity Secretary of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), Osita Okechukwu, Tukur should be more concerned with how he would maintain the 23 states in its party’s fold.

He doubted if the Adamawa-born businessman-turned-politician was actually given that directive by President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said it was a face-saving posture by an embattled party boss who called a meeting of 23 governors and 21 of them failed to honour his call.

“Tukur is grandstanding. I don’t believe that the President gave that directive. It was his own way of trying to redeem his sagging image and influence. His party has 23 governors now; his burden is how to maintain them first, rather than think of how to increase them. He is presently embattled, you know. He called a meeting and 21 out of 23 governors did not turn up. Is that not a big problem for him? He must sort out his problem first before thinking of capturing more states.”

This is the second time in less than three months that Tukur has beaten the drums of war in respect of the 2015 general election. In February during a tour of the North Central Zone in Kaduna, he said the elections would be “a big war”.

To the Chairman of the ACN in Ekiti State, Chief Jide Awe Tukur’s assurance that the PDP would capture a minimum of 32 states as an “open invitation to anarchy”.

Awe spoke yesterday at a press conference at the ACN secretariat in Ajilosun, Ado-Ekiti, is the state capital, warning that the “directive is blatant expression of preparedness for war”.

According to Awe, the fact that Ekiti State’s governorship election will be held in 2014 is an indication that the people must be prepared for war from PDP.

Urging Nigerians to be wakeful to threats by the ruling party, Awe noted that “PDP is giving itself away at such an early time as to make us all expectant and fearful.”

He said: “ACN demands serious explanation from the President referring to the whole nation as a captured nation.

“I believe he is not inviting the military to take over the governance of this state because all the words he (President) used are military’s.

“You don’t capture with votes but with arms and ammunition. This trend has been orchestrated and sustained within the PDP since its inception in this country. My fear is for 2014 election in Ekiti and we don’t want Ekiti to be thrown into crisis because you will need to test the ammunition you acquired somewhere.”

“And I am sure those states he does not love include Bornu Plateau and other states where there have been killings and maiming of innocent souls.”

“This so-called directive must not embolden the elements of the PDP in this state. Ekiti is ready to resist imposition in any form.”


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Cech: Blues need Fulham response

Chelsea keeper Petr Cech has challenged his team-mates to prove they have recovered from the disappointment of their FA Cup semi-final defeat against Manchester City when they return to Premier League action against Fulham on Wednesday.

Cech has warned the hangover from Sunday’s Wembley defeat needs to be banished if Chelsea are to cement their position in the top-four of the Premier League.

“For us, the disappointment of losing the semi-final against City will be a factor, and we need to make sure we are over that,” Cech told the Chelsea website, chelseafc.com.

“It’s a derby game, a huge game anyway, and if they win they know they are safe from relegation and can then play without pressure. It’s a tough fixture for us, it always has been.

“They often raise their game at Craven Cottage, especially against us. We never find it easy to play there, but the pressure is on us now and we need to win our games to make it easier to qualify for the Champions League.”

Cech is set to make his 423rd appearance in the Fulham match, and after moving ahead of Blues legends Steve Clarke (421 appearances) and Kerry Dixon (420 appearances) in the club’s all-time charts, he is targeting more success in the remaining weeks of this season.

“I am pleased I am getting numbers under the belt which puts me among those fantastic players,” he added. “When I got past Gianfranco Zola as the top foreign appearance maker, one of the best players ever at the club, it was a great achievement, and now I have over 400 and am climbing the ranking.

“I am pleased to have played so many, because it shows I have been the number one choice and have kept my place in the team in one of the best clubs in the world.

“It is an honour to play so many games for this club, but these statistics are not as important as the team being successful and that is what we all want in the final few weeks of the season.”

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PDP Chieftains Offered Me N3bn To Impeach Okorocha

Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu, yesterday made a startling revelation of how the elder brother of the impeached Imo State deputy governor, Chief Martin Agbaso and some chieftains of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, offered him a whopping N3 billion to impeach the state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

Speaking during an interview with selected journalists in Owerri, the Imo State capital, Uwajumogu alleged that Chief Agbaso, a business mogul, Sir Emeka Offor, the PDP National Vice-Chairman, South East, Col. Augustine Akobundu and other high ranking PDP members promised to give him the money if he would facilitate the impeachment of Okorocha to pave way for his deputy, Jude Agbaso, to become the governor.

His words: “Sometime in August, 2012, Chief Martin Agbaso, elder brother to the former deputy governor, invited me for a meeting to help stop the PDP hierarchy from removing me from office.

“I attended the meeting in Anambra State in the house of a high level member of the party, Sir Emeka Offor, we had other high ranking PDP members, including the current South-East National Vice-Chairman of PDP, Col. Augstine Akobundu.

“I was shocked at the meeting. I was told that the Presidency has directed that impeachment proceedings be commenced against Governor Okorocha to remove him from office, so that the then deputy, Sir Jude Agbaso, can take over.

“The sum of N3billion was offered to me and of course adequate protection. I now asked them to give me the evidence that was required to impeach the governor and up till today they have not given me any required evidence.”

The Speaker further stated that; “While Chief Agbaso was trying to sponsor the impeachment move against Okorocha, the governor got wind of it and confronted him (Agbaso) and myself. I owned up having heard their discussion and there was no evidence but I didn’t think it was anything to worry about.”

Uwajumogu also debunked claims that the impeachment of the deputy governor was predetermined, stressing that, “I am actually surprised by some of the information being released by the Agbasos. If there was any predetermined impeachment action, it was to be against the governor, which was to be sponsored by Martins Agbaso and the PDP in line with the directive of the Presidency.” When contacted, Akobundu, said he was not aware of the Speaker’s allegation.

“I am not aware of what he (Speaker) was talking about. I am a member of the opposition in the state and can’t be talking about impeachment; the PDP is concerned with restoring good governance in the state.”

Also speaking, the state Public Relations Officer, PRO, of the party, Chief Blyden Amajirionwu, described the Speaker’s claim as unfounded and total falsehood.

He continued: “The PDP is not interested in the impeachment of Okorocha because if he is impeached the PDP will not takeover, however, we are only working so that we can win the next election and restore good governance in the state.

“The PDP will remove Okorocha during the next general election; we are not talking about impeachment.” In his reaction, Chief Agbaso simply said, “I am not sure the Speaker can say anything like that.”

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