He needs ur advice

Jide is a good christian. He lives in Lagos with his family. Their marriage is 7 years old now and they have a lovely, enviable christian home. They waited for 5 years before they could start having children. When the Lord blessed them with the fruit of the womb, it was a miracle they will forever be grateful for. Their second child was born 2 years after. While they waited for those 5 years, they adopted a child. So, they have 3 children and even considering to stop it there. They love each other pieces. And nothing and no one comes between them…
Now, the story is that Jide got a job to work in the east. He lives and works at Awka and goes home to visit his family in Lagos regularly. By a stroke of carelessness, Jide; a born again Christian, well grounded and a leader in a church where their holiness standard is very high fell in love with an ibo girl @ Awka. It was genuine love. They truly love each other, but the complexity of their relationship stare them in the face every day! Chinyere is a good hearted young woman. “Well endowed” and beautiful. Jide can’t resist her. But there is crystal clear sincerity between them. She knows Jide’s wife and children. She doesn’t want to be a second wife. Yet she can’t help being in love with Jide. They ravaged each other in hot passionate sex at every opportunity. Chinyere used postinol each time they made love without condom. Over a year into their passionate relationship, and despite their carefulness and preventive measures, she got pregnant!
They can’t get married cos Jide has a happy home already. Chinyere is good hearted enough to resist any temptation to cause any harm to Jide’s home, especially his lovely wife. They can’t abort the preg cos Jide still fears God and does not want to be blood guilty. He believes abortion is murder! Chinyere once had an experience of abortion that almost took her life. They can’t nurse the pregnancy and have the child because they don’t want to distabilize Jide’s marriage. How about Chinyere’s chances of getting her own husband if she carries another man’s (illegitimate) child about? Where and how will they nurse the child? So so many questions. They are confused. Need help. Need advice and I don’t know what to advise. Don’t judge them. Just suggest a way out of their dilemma and keep it at the level of suggestion. No name-calling and judgemental statements please. Reactions please…



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2 responses to “He needs ur advice

  1. kcylopez

    Well its simple, Jide will have to pray to God, confess to his wife, and suggest that the child be taken to a convent home, where he’ll pay the Rev sisters to take care of the child, let’s hope Jide’s wife is understandable, she might end up not allowing for the child to be taken to the convent, if it happens that way, good for the child, if not, convent settles it all. Chinyere can move on with her life to get a husband, marry and have children of her own. When the baby is of age in the convent or in Jide’s huse, then he needs to know the truth

  2. yulaw

    I dnt see no dilemma in dis situatn….wt 2do is vry clear,since both parties re against abortion wch I vry much applaud knowin its a sin against God… “Tot deh wud ve knwn God dnt applaud adultery eida”,bt since d meSs has been made, I tink d best tin 2do is 4 him 2 tell his wife d truth aftal no1 is perfect n assume his responsibility as the caregiver 4 chinyere durin ha preg n child whn born.

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