Permit for tinted glass is free

Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar yesterday advised Nigerians not to allow any policeman anywhere in the country extort money from them over the issue of tinted glass permit disclosing that permit for tinted glass is free.

The IG gave the advice even as he noted that the law on tinted glass and implementation was motivated by the need for safety for all Nigerians adding, “nobody can compel law enforcement agencies to abandon their responsibilities of implementing the law and order as stipulated in the statute books”.

Abubakar who was speaking during an emergency security meeting with Zonal AIG’s at Force headquarters, said, “The issue here is that most criminals use tinted glass to hide arms and ammunition, they use it to hide IEDS’, they use it to throw bombs at churches and kill innocent Nigerians and we cannot allow this to continue”.

Explaining that according to the law, tinted glasses are supposed to be used for two purposes, by security outfits and for medical purposes, the IG said, “Now, kidnappers use it, armed robbers use it, terrorists  use it. That is why we have to checkmate it”.

Abubakar frowned at those trying to make issues out of the tinted glass directive saying, “There is nowhere that an amount of money was written to be paid for tinted glass permit. Police is not a revenue generation agency. In any case, tell me, what a commercial vehicle owner is doing with tinted glass? What is the ordinary citizen doing with tinted glass?” he asked.

Consequently he said, “The law is clear on tinted glasses. The only two premises under which tinted glasses can be used are for security and medical reasons. On security, there are agencies and offices permitted to use such glasses and for the medical, there has to be something or problem with your sight”.

“If anybody brings a car with tinted glass into the country, the law gives him or her two weeks to remove it or secure a permit. And the law vests the power to issue permit to the IGP because of the need to avoid abuse”.

On the essence of the security meeting, he said, “It to review the security situation in the states of the country. As you know, the Zonal AIG’s superintended over security in the states under them”.

“We have issues of terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism, communal clashes, revolving lights, use of siren, tinted glass and most importantly, crime and criminality to contend with”.


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