Letter To Ghanaians After Nigeria Beat Them 6:1

Dear fellow West African neighbours,
The news originating from your country since yesterday is that our under 17 boys who trashed you 6:1 at the on going Caf Under 17 nations cup are over aged.
Apart from the MRI machine which disqualified about three of our players, how else do you determine the age of our boys? Probably by the score line. Hahahahaha.
Did we present over aged players at the South African nations cup where we trashed Mali and Burkinafaso that defeated you with ten men?

You must accept the fact that the giant of Africa is back to where it belongs.
The last time you won nations cup was over thirty years ago when we were still recovering from civil war.
Now that we have recovered fully, you will not win anything again whether it is under 17 or over 17. Just pray that we dont meet you on any knockout stage of any competitive sports. We are on top now.
Please help us tell your western neighbour of Ivory Coast what we said.
Their leader called Dede Dgoba congratulated us after we beat them in South Africa while your lousy Amasoa giam claimed that you would have beaten us if we met.
Our under 17 boys are actually under 17. The differences between you and us is malnutrition. Your boys dont feed well.. You eat bread with yam, how do you want to grow with such combination? Havent you heard about protein before?
We are not interested in the statistics that says ”Ghana is economically growing faster than Nigeria. The economy of Lagos state is bigger than that of your entire nation. We are pretty fine down here…
Please do not make the same mistakes North Korea is trying to make by provoking the Mighty USA and China. That was why Jumong always beat Dea-So. Arrogance!!

Thank you.


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