Illegal Police Roadblocks Have Returned

Return Of Illegal Police Roadblocks

It is very sad and indeed very disheartening that the reprieve currently being enjoyed by motorists, following the abolition of all manner of extortions and brutality by men of the Nigerian Police, arising from roadblocks on our roads, is again gradually giving way in the country.

Illegal roadblocks are now a daily occurrence on the Ijebu Ode-Epe road, particularly in the evening, with men of the Mobile Police, on this expressway, extorting motorists.

They are again terrorising and forcibly collecting money from motorists and other road users, including okada men. We detest going back to that ugly pre-Abubakar period.

We, therefore, appeal to the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Muhammed D. Abubakar, to urgently arrest this ugly situation before it spreads uncontrollably again in the country.

Ademola Orunbon

Have you also been seeing police road block in your area or travels? Cos they are gradually seeping back.


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