Actress, Mercy Aigbe Disgraced By Her Husband

A little drama unfolded in Lagos yesterday Sunday April 7,2013 between actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry and her hubby Lanre.


Sola Fajobi, that guy that organises NextMovieStar and Supermom has just floated 2 TV stations, V Channel and Oodua TV. So yesterday, he hosted Mercy Aigbe, its was a recorded TV Show for Oodua Amounmaworan (TV).

It was a star studded show attended by Mercy’s husband and friends.

So slightly before the show ended, Mercy just vanished and everybody started looking for her including her hubby, Lanre Gentry.
After like an hour or so, the hubby forced the MC to announce that he was looking for his wife and when that didn’t work, he stood up a with fierce look and began causing a scene. When it was obvious he meant business, they later took him to a room where his darling wife who has arrived the venue in a short black dress with her back bare had changed to a night gown!! Enraged hubby Lanre dragged her out in the night gown and threw her into his SUV and drove angrily out of the venue whilst shocked onlookers looked on!”

As you read this now, Mercy’ s car a Nissan Solaria is in front of Sola Fajobi’s Troy Lounge in Ogba and no tone word has been heard of what might have transpired last night.

The question now is..Why did Mercy change into a night gown in a room whilst her hubby was in the recording room watching the show being recorded?

Why did the couple arrive the venue in different cars? To pose? What could have happened? Was the actress in the room making a movie unknown to the hubby?

I hope she is okay sha and has not been pummelled by hubby indoors last night.

I no fit answer any of these question but denials are free of course!


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