ACN, PDP bicker over 2015 polls


*PDP out to scuttle elections—ACN  *You are lying — PDP     …
LAGOS—ACTION Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Sunday, accused the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, led Federal Government of planning to make free and fair elections impossible in 2015 just as the Presidency faulted the statement credited to the ACN and accused it of deliberately misinforming Nigerians.

National Publicity Secretary of ACN, Alhaji Lai Muhammed, at a briefing on the “State of the Nation”, claimed that PDP, having seen the handwriting on the wall that it would not win any free and fair elections in 2015, had embarked on a number of antics to scuttle the 2015 general elections.APC-PDP

According to him, “We are compelled to once again raise the alarm about some disturbing developments in the polity. To be sure, this is not the first time we are raising concerns about what seems a deliberate ploy to plunge Nigeria into a deep crisis, by instigating widespread violence and insecurity and engaging in scaremongering tactics.

It is no longer a secret that the PDP-led Federal Government has failed the nation in all ramifications. In the provision of social amenities and standard infrastructure, ensuring the security of lives and property, provision of jobs for our teeming unemployed youths and generally ensuring better life for our people, the party that has presided over the affairs of our nation since 1999 has fallen short.

“Against this background, the PDP is keenly aware that it has totally lost the confidence of Nigerians, and the long-suffering people of this great country are now ready and eager to vote out this clueless party.

“The PDP has now realized that if indeed the 2015 elections are free and fair and conducted in a conducive environment, there will be no chance for the party.

“What is the way out for the PDP? The party has decided to go for broke: Either there will be no elections in 2015 or the polls will be conducted in an atmosphere of chaos, thereby paving the way for the PDP to do what it does best – rig the elections!”

While corroborating the above claims, ACN, noted that since Boko Haram, Islamist sect crisis broke out in some parts of the north, it had been largely restricted to the region, adding:  “this has made it possible to say to prospective foreign investors and others that the whole country has not been engulfed in violence and insecurity. But now, the areas that have been largely peaceful are being targeted by those who will only be happy when the whole country is in turmoil.”

ACN cited three recent events as sign post to its claims: A multi-billion naira contract suddenly awarded for the protection of oil pipelines in the region (South-West).

The main beneficiary of the contract has suddenly realized that the Unity Party of Nigeria, formed by the respected statesman Chief Obafemi Awolowo, is no longer in existence, and has thus decided to revive it.

While, about the same time, suspected Boko Haram members were arrested in Lagos, specifically at a house belonging to  a state government.

The questions that arise among others ACN added are: “What is the real intention of the Federal Government in awarding this oil pipeline protection contract? Is it a mere coincidence that the main beneficiary of the multi-billion naira oil pipeline protection contract is also the same fellow who is promoting the revival of the UPN?


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