Good Samaritans Who Returned Lost Phones

Phone Testimony: A story of 2 good samaritans who returned misplaced phones

Just this April I witnessed two incidents where misplaced phones were returned back to the owners. Both incidents happened in Abuja. So am wondering are Nigerians becoming more sincere or were they just lucky to have their phones returned to them?

Case 1. A friend forgot her blackberry phone in a cab sometime in November last year. After she got home she searched in her bag but couldn’t find the phone before she remembered the last time she used it was on her way home while in a cab. Immediately We started calling the number consistently but there was no reply. A few hours later, after about 100 retries the phone was turned off and we assumed the worse had happened which is the cab guy or another passenger had found the phone and kept it to himself. So she forgot about it because we all knew its gone.

Fast forward to April 2013 almost 5months after the incident, an unknown number called her mother and said he was cleaning his car when he saw a phone beneath the back seat, after charging it he went through the call log and saw a number that was saved as “mum” and he copied it and dialled from his phone since my friend”s sim was no longer valid because she had done a welcome back since November.

Anyway they gave him an address to bring the phone to which he did and honestly we were all amazed infact when she told the cab guy that the phone had been lying there in his car for 5months and he did not believe it.

Case 2. This happened just this week by Cbn estate in Garki. An elderly woman forgot her phone and laptop behind in a cab she took and according to the cab man after the woman alighted from the car he picked up another passenger almost immediately. While driving he heard a phone ringing in the back but because he had a passenger in the back seat he assumed it must be the person”s phone ringing. Not until the passenger asked him asked him why he wasn’t picking up before he realised the phone ringing belonged to none of them.

Anyway the calls kept coming in and after delibration he decided to pick it up, according to the driver the guy calling kept screaming “who are you and what are you doing with my mother”s phone” the cab man tried to explain that an elderly woman forgot the phone and a laptop behind in his car and all that….. To cut the long story short the guy who called asked the cab man if he was willing to return the phone and the man said yes so the guy contacted his mother somehow and she came to Garki to collect her phone and laptop.

You need to see how this woman kept on praying for the cab man infact she said a million naira can never replace the contacts she has on her phone if the phone goes missing. she offered him 10,000 naira which he declined because according to him he did not do it for the money. Since he rejected the money offered to him, she asked him to see her soon and she gave him her complimentary card lo and behold she is a very “BIG” woman!

Case 3. This is a very short one and it happened to me personally. I forgot my phone in a taxi in china and honestly I never got it back. To think chinese people who actually manufacture phones stole my phone. Nawa o

Based on these two stories I am of the opiion that Nigerians are not generally as greedy as everyone thinks. Just like in any other society, we have the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

Have you ever misplaced/lost your phone and a good samaritan found it and returned it to you? Well I call that a “phone testimony” so instead of you queuing up to give that long testimony in church, lolz why don’t you just share it here.


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