The Essence Of Deworming Your Child.

I recently went to see a friend who narrated to me, how her neighbour lost her 7year old child to worms.

According to her, the girl had not been feeling well for some time. She was vomitting frequently and had lost a lot of weight. On visiting the hospital, the doctors kept treating her for malaria and thyphoid to no avail. Eventually, the child died.

Her uncle who visited from the UK a few days before insisted on an autopsy which the parents declined because they felt it wasn’t necessary but the uncle persisted and even took up the expense involved. To everyone’s surprise worms were the culprit. I was told that the family doctor felt so bad for not having the slightest suspicion that worms were responsible for the childs ailment. The mum almost resumed her mourning because she was so filled with regret that with only a dose of zentel that costs just N150 she could have saved her child.

Immediately I left my friends place I rushed to a pharmacy to buy zentel for every member of my family.

Deworming is somthing we rarely takes seriously yet it’s been proven to be a life saver.


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