Nonverbal Communication In Relationships

Nonverbal communication refer to those signs, signals and body language you display when talking with your partner. they include gestures,movements, tone of your voice and many more. they are very important if your relationship must be successful.

Here some of things you get from nonverbal communication

Knowing how truthful your partner is
understand Whether they care or not
How trustworthy your partner is or mistrustful they are
Be more emotionally connected to your love and many more

Roles Of Nonverbal Communication

1. complimentary role
2. contradictory role
3. repetition role
4. substitution role

Ways Nonverbal Communication Can Be Displayed In A Relationship

1. going out of your way to help your lover
2. ignoring your lover
3. Forgetting their cherished dates like birthdays etc

In all nonverbal communication is paramount to a successful relationship. you must pay attention to not just only spoken words but actions and body languages displayed.


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