Insecurity: Reach out to Boko Haram, TUC urges Jonathan

Following the recent bombings of a bus terminal in Kano State, which claimed over 72 lives, and weekend’s killing of  28 persons in different parts of the North, Trade Union Congress, TUC, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to employ the carrot and stick approach and also build international network to address the insecurity situation in the country.

TUC also wants the President to ensure that he carries out the result of his consultations with Nigerians on his vow to remove the subsidy on petrol, saying that from all indications, Nigerians were already saying no to subsidy removal.

Fielding questions from newsmen in Benin, Edo State, TUC President, Mr. Peter Esele,  shortly after receiving the African Role Model TV Show Award from African Child Foundation, said: “I think the carrot and stick approach will work. I believe that the government should also reach out to those carrying out the attacks, although the President had said that they are ghosts. I think that there are people that can track ghosts and make them be aware of what is happening.

“The buck stops on his table. The President must do everything possible to bring the insecurity under control. If he doesn’t, that will not speak well of his presidency. He must find a way and if need be, he must find a ghost tracker, to find a way to get these people to come to the table and talk.

“Our security operatives should wake up to their responsibilities. And that includes you and me. Policing is not only about those that are wearing the uniform; it is about you and I, knowing those who are in our communities, what they do and what they stand for and also reporting to the appropriate security agencies of any suspicion we might have.”


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