What Achebe should tell Zik, Awo, Ojukwu, Balewa, others, by Emeka Ibe

“The guru is gone. Papa Achebe is gone. Sir, safe journey. Have you seen Ojukwu? Please tell him that his brothers and sisters are experiencing another pogrom in Kano State. What of Awo? If you have come across him, tell him that Nigeria is preparing for another war.

What of the great ZIK of Africa?  Please let him know that those things that made him to cross the Atlantic Ocean 50 times seeking for peace is looming again.

Have you seen Yar’Adua?  Let him know too; that amnesty, that evil seed is causing wahala in Nigeria, that even some monstrous elements have started asking for it. Tell him that it has even been extended to convicted criminals who looted the nation dry.
What of Tafawa Balewa?  Don’t fail to let him know that his own scions are now carrying weapons against Nigeria.

Obviously you may not see Abacha, but if you see any one who will see him, tell him that 18 years after his reign,  Mustapha is still in Kirikiri, kept by those who have skeletons in their cupboard.

What of MKO?  Please, Sir, remember to tell him that another June 12 is looming.

Dear Achebe, who else have you seen since that night you joined your ancestors? Please don’t discuss Nigerian problem with them but just tell them that truly There was a Country, only that Things have Fallen Apart and Nigeria is No Longer at Ease  Once again, remind them that the Arrow of God is now pointing at all of us, especially all of them who kept us in this mess. Adieu. The great writer”


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