laugh out your ribs

2 thieves just stole a bag of oranges & ran to
cemetry, on getting there, while jumping the
gate into d
cemetry, 2 oranges fell down but dey
decided 2
ignore it @ dat moment, while inside d
cemetry, dey
started sharing d oranges saying; “ONE 4
U, ONE 4
ME”… a drunkard was passing by & heard d
sound, he ran very fast 2 d nearest parish &
told d pastor dat
he heard GOD & devil sharing dead bodies
in d
cemetry, d pastor followed d drunkard to d
cemetry to
confirm dis… On gettin dere, to his surprise,
it was
true.. D noise went on & louder “ONE 4 U,
ONE 4 ME”..
den it suddenly stoped & one of d thieves
said”wat of d two @ d gate?”… omo come see race
now.. Pastor dey
shout “we neva die o”…. …


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